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Covid 19

“Given the importance of play to children’s health and wellbeing it is vital through

this crisis that all children and young people can regain access to play opportunities in a range of settings which offer variety, adventure and challenge.” - Deputy First Minister

Children and young people can now take part in organised play activities, providing all activity is consistent with Scottish Government Guidance on organised activities for children.

We have introduced restrictions to the numbers attending our sessions based on Scottish Governement guidance;


The groups will be in 2 different age groups; 0-12months - up to 10 adults 12mths+ 5 adults

Key Points and measures put in place

  • Children aged 11 years and younger are not required to physically distance, as set out in Scottish Government guidance. This extends to organised play activities.

  • Our playworkers and other staff should keep physically distant from children, but it is recognised that this will not always be possible. These circumstances (such as provision of first aid) and the appropriate mitigations should be detailed in risk assessments

  • Where there is likely to be close contact between children in our play activities measured will be put in place to minimise risk and keep participants safe, such as enhanced hygiene and cleaning routines.

  • Our focus is delivering the play activity with as few participants as possible interacting with each other and for the minimum amount of time, whilst still allowing the activity to be a positive play offer. Children, young people and workers will be encouraged to follow good hygiene practices before starting, during and finishing a play session, so this should be promoted and explicitly mentioned in risk assessments for sessions in regard to location of play sessions (access to toilets if any) and the provision of anti-bacterial gels for staff and participants use.

  • We have introduces system of pre-booking/registration on our website so that we can provide information to the Test and Protect service should it be necessary. Data will be kept in accordance with Scottish Government guidance

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